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Ochre Energy: Wattle

Ochre Energy brings significant lower cost and substantial environmental benefits with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a fuel for transportation, power generation, industrial, mining and marine sectors globally. We combine the economies of scale of the global LNG market with low cost, rapid install technology to fuel your commercial and industrial needs rapidly.

As the cleanest of all fossil fuels, LNG and natural gas are set to become the most important energy sources of the 21st century.

As a replacement for diesel and heavy fuel oil, LNG can dramatically reduce costs and emissions.

Ochre Energy is the enabling company that allows users to benefit from these lower fuel costs, reduced emissions and more efficient energy use.

Our world is rich in natural energy, especially natural gas, but unfortunately most natural gas is located long distances from energy users. LNG is an efficient way of capturing this energy and in this form can be transported to any location however close or remote.

LNG and Ochre Energy are a win-win for everyone involved; the environment, its users and our future.

Through a network of services covering LNG production facilities, shipping, import and storage terminals, transport equipment and natural gas engine technology, Ochre Energy provides the complete solution to allow your business to choose or switch to natural gas. Ochre Energy brings the latest technologies and committed partners offering robust long term cost savings.

Ochre Energy’s LNG solutions will dramatically reduce the impact of high energy costs for diesel and fuel oil users anywhere.

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