Ochre Energy: energy storage

Under the right circumstances and applications, which many exist in the region, LNG is an ideal energy storage medium with its ability to be able to be converted to many useful states and forms.

Typically, as an energy storage medium, access to natural gas, liquefaction, LNG storage and users need to be within reasonable proximity and natural gas prices need to be within a certain range. In Europe and the USA, hundreds of facilities work in this manner, ‘Peak Shaving’ plants covert gas in to LNG when conditions are optimum, and re-convert back to gas also when conditions are suitable.

There are very few ways of storing energy, and energy must normally be consumed within a short amount of time of being produced. There are many reasons and applications where LNG can be very cost effective as energy storage medium:

  • Security of Supply – Storing natural gas as LNG allows it to be stored indefinitely (under the right circumstances)
  • Gas Trading – LNG is used in applications that can take advantage of energy commodity prices, where gas is liquefied when gas prices are low, and regassified when prices are high
  • Energy Trading – Similar to gas trading above, with the ability to generate electricity from the natural gas
  • Gas System Management – LNG stored in appropriate locations on or near gas pipelines and infrastructure can provide an ideal buffer and management tool to even out daily, weekly and monthly cycles and requirements, both planned and unplanned

Ochre Energy’s expertise in natural gas, and its modular approach to terminals, storage, liquefaction, transport and regassification makes Ochre an ideal partner for your energy storage and LNG requirements. Capacities range from 1TJ to 1000TJ can be stored and managed individually or across a network.

Our modular systems may be operational within 3 months of receipt or order (depending on location and capacity).

Ochre Energy provides a complete range of services and turnkey systems, from a fixed priced system to meet your natural gas requirements, through to toll services and Build, Own, Operate (BOO).

Contact Ochre Energy to discuss your energy storage needs anywhere.