Ochre Energy: Energy storage

The development of mini, small and mid size LNG distribution has required some innovation in the sourcing and storage of LNG.

Typically, projects outside of Europe (where there is some existing infrastructure) require larger feeder vessels able to take full LNG cargoes (>100,000m3) for further re-distribution.

At a small scale level (10,000m3), Ochre Energy works with a number of shipping companies that specialise in this range and size especially to optimise cargo sizes to customer requirements. Small scale LNG vessels range in size from 1,000m3 to 20,000m3.

As many of Ochre Energy’s customers and projects are in the mid size range (>1MTPA LNG) there is also a strong demand for larger storage volumes to accommodate longer distances and higher demand. Ochre Energy has a number of solutions to address this market; Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU’s) and Floating Storage Units (FSU’s).

For FSRU’s, Ochre Energy works with a range of companies that have the resources to supply and deliver in this market. For FSU’s, Ochre Energy has a number of vessels available directly.

Ochre Energy FSU Wattle, Banksia and Tuart are 125,000m3 Floating Storage Units based on existing LNG vessels which can be quickly deployed to provide short or long term LNG storage requirements. Coupled with On-shore regasification, Ochre Energy can provide a complete LNG supply solution for a certain range or projects and parameters.

Ochre Energy’s FSU’s coupled with its miniterms can provide a complete hub and spoke solution (receival, storage, re-distribution and regasification) for regional energy developments and capable of supporting fuel for up to 1GW of distributed power generation.

For more information on LNG transportation, LNG vessels, FSRU’s and FSU’s, please contact Ochre Energy with relevant information at: ask@ochreenergy.com