Ochre Energy is continuously building a network of strategic locations to store, package and distribute LNG, natural gas and CNG globally.

Because Ochre Energy’s infrastructure is modular, a site can be quickly established and expanded in line to meet customer and strategic requirements.

Ochre Energy’s current and planned locations for facilities include;



Ochre Energy South America

The growing demand for energy in South America is being met by a number of strategies and sources including natural gas. As with many parts of the world, many economical sources of natural gas are not within reach of energy demand locations, and a growing part of natural gas demand can be met with LNG.
Ochre Energy is currently focusing on Brazil through
Ochre Energia Brasil Participacoes Ltda where demand, customers and terminal development are advanced to stages where LNG and natural gas will commence being delivered early 2019. Ochre Energy supports the development of both small and large scale LNG distribution.

Ochre Energy has 5 locations selected in Brazil to locate LNG import terminals and natural gas distribution facilities. Two locations are planned to be in operation by 2020;

Cruzeiro do Sul LNG Terminal, Sao Paulo State

Lyra LNG Terminal, Espirito Santo State

Ochre Energy South America serves the transport, marine, power generation cutomers with systems to rapidly support the distribution of LNG and long term, reliable sources of international LNG primarily as a wholesaler and distributor.

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Ochre Energy Africa

The African Energy market is one of the fastest growing energy markets globally. Africa not only has an immense demand for energy, but also the energy reserves to supply it. What is missing is the link between energy sources (natural gas and oil) and users (power generation). Ochre Energy Africa provides this critical link on a scale that has never been seen before in Africa. A complete Africa-wide LNG and natural distribution network has been by Ochre Energy which holds not only an immense potential user market, but also the natural gas and LNG to supply it. Ochre Energy has secured substantial reserves of LNG to serve the African energy market and is developing its infrastructure of distribution and storage facilities across the continent.

Ochre Energy Africa serves the transport, marine, power generation and peak shaving sectors with reliable sources of LNG primarily as a wholesaler and distributor.

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Ochre Energy Philippines

Small scale LNG and Ochre Energy's business strategy is ideally suited to archipelagoes in stable developed and emerging economies. Ochre Energy has been developing customers and infrastructure in the Philippines since 2012 and has 3 terminal developments planned to support a wide range of customers.

The high rate of growth of the economy and the large deficit in electrical generation capacity has driven the development of many new power generation projects where LNG and natural gas is a commercailly and environmetally advantageous fuel.

Ochre Energy has been working government agencies, utilities, port operators and developers, power generation companies and industrial customers to implement a series of strategic LNG terminal locations to support a large and growing energy market.

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Ochre Energy China

Ochre Energy is in early stage discussions with interested parties for the development of domestic LNG distribution systems and infrastructure in China. Investors and customers are invited to register interest.

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