LNG Anywhere

Ochre Energy's 'LNG Anywhere' concept is our ability to service any market or customer with LNG and natural gas anywhere.

The foundation of this commitment lies in our use of low cost, easy install LNG transport and distribution infrastructure, inlcluding our own Miniterms. The exact type and size of every LNG supply can vary depending on size and location.

Miniterms are a new generation of small to medium sized LNG terminal by Ochre Energy for the distribution of dometic LNG anywhere in the world.

Miniterms manage and distribute LNG, CNG and natural gas to suit most public and commercial transport, rail, bunkering and mining fleet requirements along with small to medium sizes power stations. Most inportantly, any combination of the above is possible (ie power station + commercial transport + bunkering) providing a true intermodal support capability.

Modular, standardised, prefabicated and highly automated, miniterms are built to internationally recognised standards and meet high levels of safety and availability.

Traditionally, LNG terminals of any size are custom built to specific requirements and generally engineered, procured, constructed, installed and commissioned individually.

For miniterms, the engineering, specification, procurement, fablication an commisioning has been carried out in a standardised format for quick installation and use.

Economies of scale (ie many miniterms) and pre-engnieering allow costs to be dramatically reduced and provide a new era of access to the benefits of LNG as a replacement to diesel and fuel oil.

The standard components of miniterms allow tremendous flexibility in size, footprint and capacity and can be barge, ship or land based.

Miniterms can typically service with LNG, CNG or natural gas fuel for:

  • Natural Gas (NG)Power Stations: 2-200MW
  • Ship Bunkering: 1-100 vessels
  • Rail: any public or commercial operation
  • Mining Fleets: 1-100 units
  • Commercial Transport: 1-100 trucks

Delivery of a mininterm depends on capacity, configuration and location and can be in the range of 6-18 months.

Contact Ochre Energy with your point of use, size of operation (MW or units/vessels), equiment type and manufacture on ask@ochreenergy.com.au and we will provide you with a detailed data sheet, approximate cost and delivery. With some clarifications depending on your location, a fixed price for supply only or supply and install can be offered within 2-4 weeks.

Ochre Energy provides a complete fuel supply service which includes a miniterm or can supply miniterms independently as a pre-engineered and delivered product.