Ochre Energy is focused and dedicated in delivering LNG or natural gas transported as LNG safely and economically anywhere in the world.
To maintain the highest levels of safety, availability, protection for the environment and economics, Ochre Energy delivers LNG and natural on primarily on a tolling basis; a fixed or variable cost that covers all transport, storage and regasification inclusive of all equipment, operation and maintenance. We take care of everything and deliver energy.

Typically, Ochre Energy’s LNG or natural gas transported as LNG is an all-inclusive cost based on energy delivered and can include or exclude the principal LNG supply. This allows Ochre Energy’s customers to take advantage of either or both its economies of scale in procurement and supply, and its cost effective technology in delivering LNG and natural gas.

The value chain and logistics involved in delivering LNG or natural gas can be extensive and complex involving shipping, terminals, regasification, reloading, storage, boil-off and many more unique aspects of delivering LNG; Ochre Energy manages this comprehensively and conclusively with LNG or natural gas transported as LNG delivered safely and reliably to our customer’s point of use.

Ochre Energy’s supply infrastructure typically includes its own miniterms (mini LNG terminals), shipping, storage (floating and fixed) and other safety related or energy saving technologies to meet the many different potential customer requirements. Ochre Energy’s LNG delivery components can be procured in their own right or in combination with other products or technologies.

Ochre Energy is able to combine the appropriate and available technologies and equipment to deliver LNG and natural transported as LNG at the lowest possible cost possible.

Our business strategy can deliver cost effective and environmentally efficient energy to compete and replace diesel and fuel oil anywhere in the world.

Try us, email: ask@ochreenergy.com with your natural gas or LNG requirements.