Ochre Energy: Energy Storage

Supplying LNG and natural gas delivered as LNG in the mini, small and mid-scale requires some innovation and technology when compared to the traditional LNG supply chain. Typically, LNG used as a replacement for diesel and fuel oil requires infrastructure that is 1/10th of the scale of traditional and large scale LNG.

Managing LNG at this scale and with our commitments to safety the environment and economics requires that no natural gas is vented or lost intentionally or unintentionally. Natural gas in our business is too precious and too harmful to the environment, Ochre Energy holds this as one of its fundamental tenets of business: No loss.

Ochre Energy has a range of technologies that allow it to deliver LNG and natural gas delivered as LNG to its customers including;
  • LNG Transport – New and more efficient ways of transporting LNG
  • LNG storage – New tank designs and construction to suit a range of sizes 10m3 to 20,000m3
  • LNG regasification – A considerable amount of energy is used to liquefy natural gas to LNG, our technologies can recover some of this energy
  • Modularisation – Our range of solutions for LNG and natural gas are prefabricated and of standardised design to reduce cost and schedule
  • Automation – All our facilities are typically unmanned and highly automated. We know where our LNG or natural gas is at anytime and anywhere in the world
Please contact us at ask@ochreenergy.com to find out about what technology can be used to reduce the cost of delivering energy to your site and application.